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This has the dual effect of overriding any other valuations AND making the community average smarter for everyone else. A: Access to automatic valuation, including Wine Market Journal auction data, requires an active Cellar Tracker premium subscription.

Learn more about Cellar Tracker Premium Q: What is your current international support and what are your future plans?

A: To turn on the WMJ data in Cellar Tracker you do have to do a 1-time signup and share your email address with the WMJ.

Also, to see a richer drilldown on the WMJ site requires a nominal .95 annual or .95 monthly fee for a standard subscription. Q: Do you store successive price points so we can see historical gains? On Cellar Tracker we expose the most recent quarter of data and up to 6 months of history.

To see everything totaled and grouped in different ways, choose any entry from the Summarize by dropdown at the top of the screen: Region, Producer, Varietal, Type, Storage Location, etc.

Q: What if I disagree with the valuation that is shown for my wine? Simply go to the bulk valuation view and add your own valuation.

Professional subscriptions with richer content, access to their new mobile site and unlimited queries are available for 9.95 annually, or .95 monthly. Now how do I get the values to show up in Cellar Tracker? Subscribers to the WMJ can also go to their site to see the full pricing history.

This throws out extreme outliers (such as if a user has their locale set to the US but is entering values in Japanese Yen or Italian Lire). A: As of 23-Feb-2015, there are 1,239,001 wines with community valuations.

Some automatic valuation functionality is currently only available if your date & currency locale is set to English (United States).

We are actively working to remove this limitation and hope to have an update later in 2017. A: In your main cellar view you see the value listed on a per/bottle and wine basis with a total shown in the very last row.

It was shipped and I followed the tracking to my city. I received a refund about 10 days later so not much bad to say. Their live chat is pretty cool you receive a response within a minute.

The next thing I knew it was being shipped back per sellers request.

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